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Electronics Lab is now Tinkercad Circuits
Electronics Lab has always been about making it fun and easy to learn about electronics design. We’re excited to announce that starting June 26th, 2017, Electronics Lab will be moving to Tinkercad, where we’ll continue to develop new features for building and testing circuits (for free) on the web.
On Tinkercad Circuits, we've made some changes to make Electronics Lab even better:
  • Component re-organization and improved search - All components will now be organized by category (such as input, output, power) and searchable by type, making finding components a breeze.
  • Starter circuits - We’ll have a new set of pre-designed circuits, including both wired components and Arduino code, that you can select to quickly build off an existing design. Want to control a servo motor or customize an Arduino-based musical keyboard? We have starters for that!
  • New tutorials - We want to make learning electronics accessible for everyone, which is why we’ll have a new set of entry-level tutorials to get started with electronics design.
In an effort to lower the barrier to tinkering with electronics, we’ve removed schematic and PCB views from Tinkercad Circuits projects, but we will maintain the option to export an Eagle board file, which will let you construct PCBs in Eagle.
What happens to my Electronics Lab projects on Autodesk Circuits?
All Electronic Lab projects will remain viewable on, and if you wish to make changes to your design, you can do so by migrating your projects over to Tinkercad.
How do I migrate my projects to Tinkercad?
To migrate your Electronics Lab projects over to Tinkercad, log into Circuits.IO and you will find a link to migrate your projects on your dashboard. Click the "Copy to Tinkercad" button and follow the steps to select which projects to copy to Tinkercad.
Combining forces with Tinkercad, the easiest-to-use 3D design tool, means that we’re also introducing completely new features that will bring your 3D designs to life using electronics. Stay tuned for an announcement about these new capabilities on Tinkercad!
Any questions? Please feel free to reach out via Support ( ).
We’re committed to continuing to empower the next generation of makers and are looking forward to introducing these powerful new features to all of you!